Intrepid Ibex is here

I was very curios about the new things that Ubuntu 8.10 will bring them . Even the release of 8.10 is scheduled for end of October , I couldn’t resist and I decided to make  a try . And hell ya , on the production machine !

Starting with Alpha 6 , it’s possible to upgrade to Ibex using update-manager -d . A big warning : seems there’s a kernel issue with Intel GigE ( e1000 driver) which can lead to permanent damage to the hardware . So don’t try Ibex yet if you have a ethernet like this . The dist upgrade went smooth , took around 40 minutes ( proubably less if you have a broadband conenction , it needs to download around 700MB ). I have an Ubuntu gnome and xfce also .

One of the big features of this release is DKMS , which automatically rebuilds  kernel drivers when you install a new kernel version . Gnome comes with version 2.24 which brings several improvments , most notable is the Empathy Instant Messenger. One thing that I like because I was affected is that now the gnome volume seems to work with OSS4 . I have a Asus Xonar DX sound card and ALSA didn’t liked at the time I tried , but OSS4 did . I though OSS is discontinued , but that’s totally wrong , seems the new version recovers the gap behind ALSA . Also seems there are some improvments at gnome’s speed , even I think there’s still work to do here .

Other updates includes  Synaptic , which looks a bit better now  , an update to pidgin (2.5.1) – looking better , some new Murrina themes are available ( not sure they were until now ).

A new theme is brought in Ibex , the brown  one from Netbook remix . Even it looks cool and it’s nice , it can be a bit confusing when you try to work 🙂 . But I’m sure for dark themes fans this will be a pleasure .

In Xfce ,there are no new things , proubably only some maintanance work . It’s still 4.4.2 – stable and fast as always .

Overall , even it’s an alpha it seems more stable than Hardy betas , but still keep in mind that it’s an alpha , so use it on your own risk on production machines 😉