Trance Vibrations in TImisoara

October brings a new trance event , this time in Timisoara .
The event is programmed on 13 october at ExpoVest hall .
The line is pretty good :

  1. Johan Gielen
  2. Talla 2XLC
  3. Jochen Miller
  4. 4 Strings

There guys are like consacrated artists of trance . Personally I didn’t listened too much Gielen and Miller , but will be a good opportunity. The event is announced as lasting 8 hours of trance music , so … it’s going to be a long night :)).
More details on ,

my mEgo on Blogger

This is a simple guide about putting your mego in the blogger .

The simplest way is to use the feature from mEgo’s Share page . Thanks to Gigya service , a mEgo can be posted in a number of different social networks or blogs . I see now Gigya has support for almost 20 sites and they might increase . Not sure about all , some of them might restricted the use of Flash. By default , mEgo comes in 3 standard sizes . You can also use the HTML code to put it somewhere or even better , you can modify the width and height of the flash to suit your needs . A 5:3 proportion is better to keep , so the mEgo looks good.

As mEgo becomes more complex , the small size is a bit too small , so I choosed the medium standard here .From the Share page select a size , and look on the Gigya tool for the Blogger button .Gigya has the option to insert a blog or make for you a new sidebar box.If you use a stretched blogger template , you should have no problems , but in my case I had to edit a bit the templare. So for a not-stretched template , go to Template->Edit HTML and look in the CSS code for #header-wrapper,#outer-wrapper and #sidebar-wrapper . Adjust the sizes (for this template it was 660,660 and 220 and I modified to 700,700,260 ) and voila :).

mEgo launches !

Yes , we are in beta . The whole team worked very hard to get here are we are pleased of the result . Yesterday we had our presentation at the TechCrunch40 conference and we did very well. The audience liked us . Curently the beta is limited , soon we will release progressivly invitations to the people that had already subscribed to our mailing list .
Yesterday we had our presentation at TechCrunch20 (actually they were 40 ) . We didn’t win , but we made a good impression to the audience . The way is still long , we need to see how our servers will handle more and more users . We are testing and testing the current features .We want to have a very stable site 😉