Muse in Romania

Ok, proubably first question from you if you don’t listen alternative rock will be who is Muse ?
Well , not sure either :)) . Some weeks ago my sister kept bugging me Muse is coming in Bucharest and she wants to be there . Tired to fight with her I said in the end Ok , we’re going . I didn’t had the curiosity to take an album and listen , I said to let the surprise element for the end 🙂 .
So Muse is an alternative rock band , some kind of Radiohead, Placebo and Coldplay combination . They are 3 english guys and they already had some smashing singles . They use a combination of alternative rock with electronic , some folk and even some clasic elements (especially piano ).
The concert took place on 6 october at Rugby Stadium near the Triumph Arce in Bucharest . Ticket was cheap , around 20 $ , on the sod’s stadium . Organisation was pretty ok , our romanian concert organizers are beggining to gain more experience :). One minus I have to say : the sound system was a bit weak . Actually I think was weak , guess was indoor equipment , around 15-20000 Watts , which is not very much for a stadium and especially for a rock band like this that had piano and guitar solos .
The guys have a good music , they’ve made a good live show , and the lights game was enjoyable too ,I really like it . The duration of the concert was pretty short , around one hour and half . After I came home I took their albums , sometimes are nice to listen . They still have to work at the originality , this isn’t their strongest quality (they have some covers) , but they have a good music line .
Overall , was an enjoyable concert , it “worth the money” 😉

Trance Vibrations in TImisoara

October brings a new trance event , this time in Timisoara .
The event is programmed on 13 october at ExpoVest hall .
The line is pretty good :

  1. Johan Gielen
  2. Talla 2XLC
  3. Jochen Miller
  4. 4 Strings

There guys are like consacrated artists of trance . Personally I didn’t listened too much Gielen and Miller , but will be a good opportunity. The event is announced as lasting 8 hours of trance music , so … it’s going to be a long night :)).
More details on ,

Tiesto is coming again

Tiesto is back in Romania for the third year in a row . Seems he likes to come here at the end of the year 🙂 .
As ussual the concert is at Polivalent Hall in Bucharest .Details about tickets you find at and proubably . Date is 1 december , so after you see the military parade of the National day in the morning you have also a trance concert in the evening . Take you tickets early , they might run off until december .
The concert this year should be more interesting than the previous one because Tiesto will play also from the new album “Elements of Life” .

Playlist of January 29

1. Charlie May Vs Sasha – Seal Clubbing (James Zabiela’s Seal Squeal Remix)
2. ericke the beat is rockin
3. HeadmanMoisture (Mustapha 3000 Remix)
4. Hi JackHi Jackin (Herve Mix)
5. SpillerJumbo (Re-edit)
6. SebastiAn – Walkman (SebastiAn’s Werol Alkman Edit
7. PlatoLieb Gewonnen
8. Mr OizoHalf An Edit
9. Lark – Animal’s Claw (In Flagranti Edit)
10. Johannes Heil – Warrior Of Light (Re-edit)