Personal project :

My personal project enters in a pre-beta phase . Currently the design is not ready yet , so it’s more about functionality .
Some tehnical details : made on Zend Framework , uses SphinxSE for searching . There’s no caching used yet , but will use ( most likely) memcached and file caching ( using Zend Cache ). There’s also a plan for using Gearman workers .
The project will start first for Romania , but multi-language is already implementend ( get-text translations) .
Testing is welcomed , especially testing with romanian texts/queries , but english is fine too .
Huzmet is a local services providers directory and more . And by that more one feature is that instead of searching you can make a shout , like a request , the shout is scanned and if matches are found among the providers , they get informed about your shout and they can contact you .